What Is The Black Tent Project?

The Black Tent Project is an interactive, experimental and a socio-cultural tour. It is based on understanding the ethnic culture and the ancient lifestyle of old civilizations that lived in Anatolia by reviving them. In this experimental project, the participants will have the chance to experience the original and ancient lifestyle of Anatolian civilizations and Turkish culture in their original geographical environment. The name of the project reflects the most important element of the tour: the hand-woven goat hair “Black Tent,”

You Will...

Discover the wonders of ancient civilizations in the cultural capital of the World; Istanbul
Discover the wonders of ancient civilizations in the cultural capital of the world: Istanbul. Encounter the hidden treasures of Istanbul, one of the oldest and most mysterious cities in the Mediterranean. Visit monuments and museums, cultural centers, and authentic market places, and see textiles and ethnographic artifacts. Experience Turkish culture in all of its aspects, including its history, archaeology, culinary repertoire, and hospitality.

Live the nomadic life of ancient Anatolians
Revive the ancient Anatolian nomadic lifestyle and ethnic culture by practicing the migration and "living in pasture" experiences in their ancestral environment. Traditional cheese and bread making are attractive side activities of the experience.

Wool processing “a la nomade”
Experience the processing of wool from fleece to the woven carpet. Combing, spinning, natural dyes, loom preparation and weaving will take place at the stopping points of this amazing trajectory.

Experience life in the black tent
Made of black goat hair, the black tent was the integral part of the time-honored nomadic lifestyle. The same tent will be with us during the journey of daily migration, in the encampment, while cooking and living the nature.

Involve yourself in the pure natural atmosphere
Benefit from the scenic beauty of the Mediterranean for a week full of inspiration. In the different altitudes during the migration path, we will be surrounded by Mediterranean scrub forests of pines, cedar and juniper trees, and alpine grazing lands. Picturesque landscapes will embellish our view.

Visit ancient cities and the Old Town of Antalya (Optional extension tour, please contact for details)
Walk of the ancient agoras of the famous cities of the Lycians, Hellenes, Romans and Byzantines. Breathe the exotic scents of glorious history, feel the magnificence.

Taste delicious Ottoman and Anatolian Turkmen nomad cuisine.
Distilled from many sub-cultures, Ottoman cuisine is a mixture of exotic flavors and colors. Anatolian Turkmen nomad cooking is a combination of practicality and available resources, which created distinct tastes and cooking methods. Won't you try it?

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We’ll experience the diversity of Turkish culture in Istanbul and experience the ethnic culture of Anatolian Turkmens during the nomadic adventure. We and make a visit to the southwest Anatolian cities of the ancient Lycian and Roman empires (Optional extension tour, please contact us for details).


This is a sample program and is subject to change
7:00 am – Wake up in the Black Tent
7:30 am – First migration of the day
10:00 am – Arrival to day-camp, settlement
10:30 am – “Big Breakfast” & Enjoy the scenic natural surroundings
2:00 pm – Lunch time
4:30 pm – Coffee time & Removal of the camp
5:30 pm – Second migration of the day
7:00 pm – Arrival at the night-camp, settlement
8:00 pm – Dinner


The black tent is a dynamic living space; it is a home in which nomadic life is lived in joy and in harmony with nature. It has been used as a warm, welcoming home since the early Iron age, witnessing many civilizations’ rise and fall. It provides us with an experience of the nomadic lifestyle and to witness the beauty of nature. Would you like to live and breathe this experience? Come and join us.

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