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Teke plateau or Lycian peninsula, situated in West of Antalya city, covered with cedar and juniper reefs, and alpine grazing in the high plateaus; is the homeland of Lycians, brave and proud indigenous people of Anatolia who have built a very well developed civilization until the Hellenization of the area by Alexander the Great. The glory of the area continued in Hellen, Roman and Byzantine periods. In the 12th century, Turkmen tribes settled in the area and this land has been the homeland for another proud and civilized population; “Yörük” the Anatolian Turkic nomads or Anatolian Turkmens, who migrate seasonally with their huge goat flocks, camels and black tents between high lands and low lands.

The historical and natural properties of the area which are unique, make his region, one of the most suitable regions of Mediterranean, for the activity of Trekking in Turkey or Hiking in Turkey. This is why the famous “Lycian Way”, a historical route used by Lycian Empire in this region, has been reanimated by Cate Clow, an American voyager and traveled over by thousands of walkers/travelers each year. For sure, this activity is the most important one between other activities in the context of  Trekking in Turkey/Hiking in Turkey.

Together, we will visit different attraction centers in the area and migrate to experience the glorious and ancient lifestyle of these civilizations; moreover, we will comb and spin wool, dye it and make small trials of weaving on a weaving loom, make bread and cheese and feel ourselves like a real nomad.

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    Ancient - Nomadic Adventure

    (Textile tour and nomadic adventure together)

    This program aims to present deeply the historical and cultural textile, cuisine aspects of Istanbul and Southwestern Anatolia.
    It includes:

    *Archeological and ethnographic museums, monuments and cultural centers visits, observations of authentic textiles in museums and shops, Anatolian Turkmen nomad migration experience, authentic textile production class, as well as Turkish cuisine degustation all around the area we visit, and applications of Turkish cuisine as nomadic cheese and nomadic bread making.
    We will:
    *Visit many museums, cultural centers and monuments in Istanbul during three days,
    *Live one week of real authentic nomad life experience, with hiking/walking in plain nature, (nomad migration), wool processing, dyeing, weaving, cheese and bread making attractions and,

    *Visit ancient and famous cities of Lycian and Roman Empires, museums and old city walkings in Antalya medieval citadel.

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    Sadberk Hanım Museum with Turkish Textiles

    Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum with its unique Turkish Antique Carpets collection

    The Bosphorus with its fascinating landscape

    Galata Tower with its glorious history

    The nomad Migration in Cedar Forest, one of the most exciting aspects of Trekking in Turkey/ Hiking in Turkey

    Early morning in Yongali Pasture, Western Taurus Mountains/Antalya. Chilly refreshing weather in August, 1900 meters of altitude, thyme smell, and chamomile flowers, it is worth seeing and experiencing the nomadic life there.