Mayıs 11, 2020
culture and ethnicity

The Backstage, We Are a Biiiig Family!

The idea of making a nomad lifestyle revival tour has risen under a heavy atmosphere of corporate business. (!) Who would think that walking in Turkey’s […]
Mayıs 11, 2020
carpet weavers

Bayram’s Story

This is Bayram and his family Coming from a Turkmen family of Konya Plain settled many generations back, Bayram gains his life by weaving carpets and […]
Mayıs 11, 2020
loom carpet

A Desire Revealed, the Story of Ismail

  Ismail is a teacher of Turkish Literature in one the most prestigious high schools of Kayseri, one of the cities mostly known by its fine […]
Mayıs 11, 2020

5 Reasons Why You Should Definitely Visit Turkey This Summer

  Beautiful nature of Mediterranean Coasts Turkey has one of the cleanest sea coast of Mediterranean, preserved with very diversified undersea life gold color sand beaches […]
Mayıs 11, 2020

Turkey, the Homeland of Intangible Cultural Heritage

Turkey which is founded mainly in Anatolian Peninsula embraces many cultures, ethnicities and civilizations with their proper identities and roles in the history. This land is […]
Mayıs 11, 2020

Nomad Cuisine, Would You Like Some?

Nomad cuisine is one of the disappearing sub-branches of Turkish Cuisine. The nomadic life in Anatolia had been practiced much before Turks came to the land […]
Mayıs 11, 2020

From the Sky to the Ground, Autumn Migration of Nomads

For thousands of years, nomads have been changing places two times in a year, according to the season of the year to benefit from the different […]
Mayıs 11, 2020
Silk yarns dyed by MArmara University Beautiful Arts Section using natural dyes natural dyes

Colors through eyes and hands of Anatolian weavers

Weaving activity in Anatolia dates back at least 9,000 years and is practiced by Anatolian men and especially women in parallel of the daily needs and […]
Mayıs 11, 2020

A Challenge Beyond Borders

This is Reza, Reza is a member of Qashqai community. Qashqai people are one of the most known nomadic tribes of Iran. They have been known […]