Kasım 17, 2020
A father-daughter couple fixing the nomad bags onto a camel before migration, Kahramanmaraş, South-Eastern Turkey, 1980s, Photo courtesy Josephine Powell

Hand-Weavings Belonging to The Nomadic Culture

Turkey has a deep and detailed weaving history and culture. There had been many weaving activities in different regions covering personal needs or having commercial purposes […]
Kasım 16, 2020
Trekking on the Lycisn Way, South Western Turkey

Equipment for Trekkers/Hikers On The Migration On The Nomad Way-Turkey

While crossing the Nomad Way Turkey, hikers/trekkers will make the journey easy and enjoyable with the equipment and professional accessories that they will bring with them. […]
Kasım 16, 2020
Pine forests surrounding the Mediterranean plains

The Geography of The Western Taurus Mountains – Turkey

The Western Taurus Mountains are a portion of the great Alp-Himalaya mountain chain crossing the majority of Europe and Asia continents. It begins from the slopes […]
Kasım 15, 2020
Medieval picture depicting the journey of MArco Polo Crossing the Silk Road 14th century

Turkey, Gate of 1001 Nights Tales to The Western World

Turkey has been always a very important point of the Middle-East from the first periods of humanity until nowadays. The earliest human beings who developed a […]
Kasım 13, 2020
Silk yarns dyed by MArmara University Beautiful Arts Section using natural dyes natural dyes

Colors Used In Turkish Textiles

Turkish textiles have been appreciated and loved all over the world for their visual beauty with different patterns, techniques, and quality. The visual art applied during […]
Kasım 13, 2020

Hiking -Trekking Routes of Turkey, Best in The Mediterranean

Turkey has a multitude of trekking routes which are crossed by tens of thousands of people who are mostly tourist coming from all over the world. […]
Kasım 12, 2020
Turkish pie carpet fragment from Konya area, 17th Century, Cental Turkey, Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum

Different Types of Textiles in Turkey

Turkish textiles have always been in the very center of Turkish daily life, during the whole history, beginning from the arrival of Turks, in the early […]
Kasım 11, 2020
Karakeçili Turkmens migrate to the winter quarters, Ushak, Western Turkey, 2019

What Is The Nomad Way – Turkey

The Nomad Way – Turkey is the accumulation of the walkways used by nomads living in Turkey to reach the summer encampment areas generally situated in […]
Kasım 11, 2020
Anatolian Turkmen Nomads expose their weaving skills in during the migration. Çanakkale, Western Turkey, 1997

Nomadism in Turkey, Why and How

he transhumance activities had begun in Anatolia after the neolithic period, combined with the early bronze age. In many highland plateaus in Turkey, the petroglyphs depicting […]
Kasım 9, 2020
Konya Carpet, 17th Century

Material and Mastery Make Turkish Textiles Unique in The World

Turkey has always been the land of diversities. The Anatolian peninsula that reaches over from east to west includes topographic and geographical diversities which lead to […]
Kasım 7, 2020

Turkish Textiles Reflect The People Of Turkey

Textiles have always been a very important aspect of the local life in the Anatolian peninsula during its history. A cover to be protected from the […]
Mayıs 11, 2020
Dursun Öztaban weaving an Anatolian Turkmen blackc tent from goat hair, Olukbaşı village, BOzdoğan, Aydın, Western Turkey, 2015

Uncle Dursun, the Last of The Tent Benders

The first meeting of me with Uncle was during a search for master in order to make my black tent made. I already knew that there […]